Celestial Twin is a fictional narrative that explores the potentialities of a speculative, less anthropocentric reality. When a new celestial body appears in the universe, a remaining post-collapse community promptly sends the scientific research female group known as Cosmovisionary to explore it. In addition to envisioning a world “after the end of the world”, Celestial Twin seeks to highlight the delicate balance of biochemical circumstances that made possible the evolution of terrestrial life forms. Planet Earth, in this sense, is seen as a shelter against cosmic hostility. Furthermore, by “eliminating” humans from what is understood as Earth, the film subtly questions the narcissistic character of many contemporary civilizations, in which the human race usually figures in the center, unquestionably.

Film, 2020. HD and Super 8mm film transferred do HD l 12′ 42”


O Astro Gêmeo / Celestial Twin – Trailer from chana de moura on Vimeo.